“GES Africa’s ultimate and over riding Mission Statement is to eradicate poaching of Rhino, Elephants and other endangered animals in Africa.”

GES is the leading Wildlife Management and Conservation Group in Africa. GES applies specialized anti-poaching operations, general security, and intelligence services.

GES manages and protects the largest private Rhino population in the world with over 1,500 Rhinos under direct protection.

Organized crime within the wildlife arena are crippling the animal populations as well as severely changing the face of conservation. The Africa Rhino poaching epidemic over the last nine years is a typical example of how these criminals are depleting precious wildlife resources.

GES is launching the “GES Africa Conservation Fund”, which is intended to provide financial aid to conservation driven operations to enhance and support the various law-enforcement functions that ultimately protects the species under threat.

The GES Conservation Fund will assist in the deployment of adequate and specialized resources to affected areas in Africa. Conservation as a whole is not managed by one entity; thusly such deployment of resources is critical in the execution of effective environmental Asset Protection preventing the depletion of wildlife resources.